music out of the moon, les baxter Music Out of the Moon, 1947 LP, Capitol Records
perfume set to music, les baxter Perfume Set to Music, 1948 LP, RCA
le sacre du sauvage Le Sacre du Sauvage, 1954 LP, Capitol Records
xtabay, les baxter Voice of the Xtabay, 1955 LP, Capitol Records
ritual of the savage, les baxter Ritual of the Savage, 1957 LP, Capitol Records
The Passions, 1954
Caribbean Moonlight, 1956
La Femme, 1956
'Round The World With Les Baxter, 1957
Skins!, 1957
Space Escapade, 1958
African Jazz, 1959
Les Baxter's Barbarian (soundtrack), 1960
Alakazam The Great! (soundtrack), 1960
Les Baxter's Teen Drums, 1960
The Sacred Idol, 1960
Young Pops, 1960
Master of the World (soundtrack)
Jewels of the Sea, 1961
Broadway '61, 1961
Original Quiet Village, 1964
Moog Rock, 1969
Hell's Belles, 1969
Million Seller Hits
The Dunwich Horror (soundtrack), 1970
Que Mango!, 1970 LP, Alshire
Bora Bora (soundtrack), 1970, AIP
Black Sabbath (soundtrack), 1973
Born Again (soundtrack), 1978
Cry of the Banshee (soundtrack), Edgar Allen Poe Suite (TV score), 1980, Citadel
Black Sunday / Baron Blood, 1992, Bay Cities
The Lost Episode, Dionysus Records, 1995