"Shooting Star" featured in "Ford v Ferrari"

"Shooting Star" from Les' 1958 Capitol Records LP Space Escapade is featured in the Oscar winning motion picture (played as Ford Motor Company debuts the Mustang) and soundtrack.  

"Lunar Rhapsody" featured in "First Man"

Les' groundbreaking recording from his 1947 Capitol Records LP Music Out of the Moon (which Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11
crew actually took to the moon!) is featured in the motion picture and soundtrack to First Man, the story of the first man to set foot
on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

"Unchained Melody" featured in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

Les Baxter's #1 hit for Capitol Records in 1955, "Unchained Melody," is featured in episode 18, season 3.

Les Baxter Released Over 12 Albums On Capitol Records, Starting With "Music Out Of The Moon" In 1947

Les Baxter was a visionary, innovative, composer, conductor, arranger, and conductor who recorded some of the most innovative popular music of his time, influencing countless artists across several decades ranging from Nat King Cole to Jefferson Airplane.