Discography of 45 RPM singles by Les Baxter

RCA Victor Records



  1. Toujours Moi (Always Me) (Harry Revel)/
  2.  Fame (Revel)


  1. Tzigane (Gypsy) (Revel)/
  2.  Jet (Revel)


  1. Possession (Revel)/
  2.  L'Ardente Nuit (Ardent Night) (Revel)


  1. Jet (Revel)/
  2.  Struttin’ with Clayton (Revel)


Capitol Records

54-20161 / F20161     

  1. Celestial Nocturne (Harry Revel)/
  2. Lunar Rhapsody (Revel)

54-20162 / F20162     

  1. Lunette (Harry Revel)/
  2. Moon Moods (Revel)

54-20163 / F20163  

  1. Mist o’ The Moon (Harry Revel)/
  2. Radar Blues (Revel)

DB 189          
(as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

  1. Rainier Waltz (Phil Davis)
  2. Same (promotional-only release)

F 1381             

(as “Les Baxter with Orchestra and Chorus” unless otherwise noted)

  1. The Roving Kind (Jessie Cavanaugh/Arnold Stanton)
  2. So Long (It's Been Good to Know Yuh) (Woody Guthrie)

F 1390             

  1. When You Return (Bennie Benjamin/
    George Weiss)
  2. Zing Zing Zoom Zoom
    (Sigmund Romberg/Charles Tobias)

F 1393            

(as “Jimmy Wakely with Les Baxter, His
Orchestra and Chorus”)

  1. Beautiful Brown Eyes (Arthur Smith/Alton Delmore)
  2. At the Close of a Long, Long Day (Billy Moll/Johnny Marvin)

F 1493             

  1. Unless (Robert Hargraves/
    Stanley Damerell/Raymond Evans)
    (solo vocalist, Dick Beavers)
  2. Because of You (Arthur Hammerstein/Dudley Wilkinson)

F 1760             

  1. Because of You (Hammerstein/Wilkinson)
  2. Somewhere, Somehow, Someday (Wal Berg/Steve Krantz)

F 1818             

  1. When (Bennie Davis/Abner Silver;
    solo vocalist, Dick Beavers)
  2. If You’ve Forgotten Me (Frederic Ebb/Paul E. Giasson)

F 1839            

  1. I Remember You, Love (Irving Drake/
    Jimmy Shirl)
  2. I Only Have One Life to Love (Kermit Goell/Fred Spielman)

F 1873             

(as “Dick Beavers and Les Baxter”)

  1. Shrimp Boats (A Comin' - There's Dancin' Tonight) (Paul Mason Howard/Paul Weston)
  2. Jalousie (Jacob Gade/Vera Bloom)

F 1887            

(as “Bob Eberly and Les Baxter”)

  1. Somebody’s Been Beatin’ My Time
    (Zeke Clements)
  2. I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You)
    (Hank Williams)

F 1932             

(as “Dick Beavers with Les Baxter’s Chorus
and Orchestra”)

  1. Rose of Louisiana (Jack Scholl/M. K. Jerome)
  2. Heart Strings (Merle Moore)

F 1966             

  1. Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson)
  2. Please, Mr. Sun (Ramon Getzov/Sid Frank)

F 2005           

  1. Festival (Art Strauss/Irving Gordon)
  2. Invitation (Bronislau Kaper)

F 2028             

(as “Jimmy Wakely with Les Baxter,
His Orchestra and Chorus”)

  1. Goodbye Little Girl (Ben Oakland/P. F. Webster)
  2. Love Song of the Waterfall (Bob Nolan/Bernard Barnes/Carl Winge)


F 2031             

(as “Dick Beavers with Les Baxter’s Chorus and Orchestra”)

  1. It Must Be Spring (Ralph Blane)
  2. I’d Be Lying (Dee/Lipman/More/Mascheroni)

F 2102             

(as “Les Baxter and Dick Beavers with
Les Baxter’s Orchestra”)

  1. I’m Yours (Robert Milton)
  2. Kiss of Fire (Lester Allen/Robert Hill)

F 2106             

  1. Lonely Wine (Roy Wells)
  2. Lost in Meditation (Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol/Irving Mills/Louis Singer)

F 2117            

(as “Dick Beavers with Les Baxter’s
Chorus and Orchestra”)

  1. Tears (Jack Elliott/Harold Spina)
  2. Please Say You Love Me (Bert Pellish/Fred Darian)

F 2143             

  1. Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart (John Sexton/John Turner/Eberhard Storch)
  2. ..Padam... (How It Echoes the Beat of My Heart) (Heinz Galnzberg/Henri Holiner/Norbert Nichols)

F 2220             

(as “Dick Beavers with Les Baxter’s
Chorus and Orchestra”)

  1. Ride, Cowboy, Ride (David Guion/Marie Lussi)
  2. My Thrill (composer unknown)

F 2225             

  1. Indian Summer (Al Dubin/Victor Herbert)
  2. Quiet Village (Baxter)

F 2274             

  1. Flute Salad (Baxter)
  2. Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (Gonzalo Roig/
    Agustin Rodriguez/Jack Sherr)
    (solo vocal, Sue Allen)


F 2275             

  1. Hang Your Wishes on the Tree
    (Edwin Gayle/Marian Boyle)
  2. Santa Claus’ Party (Eddie Pola/George Wyle)

F 2328             

  1. Viene, Viene (Koger/Varna/Vallee/Scotte)
  2. As Long as You Care (I Don’t Care)
    (George Jessel/ Joe Cooper)

F 2374             

  1. April in Portugal (Raul Ferrao)
  2. Suddenly (Dorcas Cochran/Richard Heuberger)

F 2375             

A side as “Les Baxter’s Chorus;”
B-side as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”

  1. The Lord Is My Shepherd (The 23rd Psalm)
    (Isham Jones)
  2. My Name is God (Vic Mizzy/Mann Curtis)

F 2405           

  1. No More Goodbyes (Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman/
    Dick Manning/Alex Alstone)
  2. Dance of the Flutes (Baxter)

F 2457             

  1. Ruby (Mitchell Parrish/Heinz Eric Roemheld)
  2. A Little Love Can Go a Long, Long Way
    (Charles Young/Larry Hagen)



F 2479             

  1. I Love Paris (Cole Porter)
  2. Gigi (Rachel Thoreau/Florence Veran)

F 2568             

  1. Tropicana (Bernie Wayne)
  2. Julie (Charles Wolcott/Dimitri Tiomkin)

F 2579            

  1. Elaine (Gitane) (Francis Lopez)
  2. Cornflakes (Sidney Norman)

F 2632     
(A side as “Les Baxter with His Chorus and Orchestra;”
B-side as “Les Baxter Orchestra”)

  1. Love Theme from “The Robe” (Alfred Newman)
  2. Manhattan (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)

F 2645

(As “Betty Reilly and Les Baxter with His Chorus and Orchestra”)

  1. Magdalena (Macedo/Amorim/Sunny Skylar)
  2. Brazillian Baion (Les Baxter/Bob Russell)

F 2705             

  1. Atlantis (Roger Bourdin, Rene Rouzaud)
  2. Flirtation Waltz (Joe R. Heywood, Leslie Sarony)

F 2748             

  1. Douchka (Henri Spode/Andre Lodge)
  2. If You Were Mine (Terry Gilkyson/Les Baxter/Polnareff)

F 2799             

  1. Venezuela (Alfredo Corenza)
  2. More Love Than Your Love (Arthur Schwartz, Dorothy Fields)

F 2845             

  1. The High and the Mighty (Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington)
  2. More Love Than Your Love (Arthur Schwartz, Dorothy Fields)

F 2918            

  1. When You’re in Love (Johnny Mercer, Gene De Paul)
  2. Romantic Rio (Baxter)

F 2950            

(As “Les Baxter And Leonard Pennario”)

  1. Moonlight on the Cliffs (Leonard Pennario)
  2. Dream Rhapsody (Caesar Franck)

This single was reissued as Capitol F 3599 in November 1956

F 3002             

(As “Les Baxter And His Bombers”)

  1. Earth Angel (Curtis Williams; vocal solo by Pat Laird)
  2. Happy Baby (Frank Pingatore)

F 3040             

  1. Blue Mirage (Don’t Go) (Lotar Olias/Sam Coslow)
  2. I Ain't Mad at You (Honey Baby) (Robert Sparkler, Jimmie Dodd; As “Les Baxter And His Bombers”

F 3055             

  1. Unchained Melody (Alex North/Hy Zaret)
  2. Medic (Victor Young)

F 3120          

  1. Wake the Town and Tell the People (Jerry Livingston/Sammy Gallop)
  2. I'll Never Stop Loving You (Sammy Cahn/Nicholas Brodszky)

F 3195             

(As “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
1. The Shrike (Jose Ferrer)

(As “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)
2Toy Tiger (Henry Mancini)

F 3259            

(As “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
     1. Song of the Bayou (Rube Bloom)

As “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)
     2. Monika (Les Baxter)

F 3291     

  1. The Trouble with Harry (Mark McIntyre/Floyd Eiseman/Herbert Huddleston) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
  2. Havana (Baxter) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 3336           

(As “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)

  1. The Poor People of Paris (La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean) (Marguerite Monnot)
  2. Theme from “Helen of Troy” (Max Steiner)

F 3404           

(As “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

  1. Tango of the Drums (Lotar Olias)
  2. Sinner Man (Baxter)

F 3478             

  1. Melodia Loca (The Drive-You-Crazy Song) (P.D.; arranged by Dave Dexter) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
  2. (Concerto and Theme From) Foreign Intrigue (Paul      Duran/Charles Norman) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 3526             

  1. Theme from “Giant” (Paul Francis Webster/Dmitri Tiomkin)
  2. There’ll Never Be Anyone Else but You (Paul Francis Webster/Dmitri Tiomkin)

F 3573     

  1. (What Happens In) Buenos Aires (D’Acosta/Dave Dexter) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
  2. The Left Arm of Buddha (Baxter) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 3599             see entry for single F 2950, 1954


  1. A Woman’s Devotion (Davis/Baxter) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
  2. The Clown on The Eiffel Tower (Jacques Strop, Dany Michael) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 3704             

(As “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

  1. Blue Echo (Chet Atkins/Boudleaux Bryant)
  2. Designing Women (Jack Brooks/Andre Previn)

F 3728             

  1. Ruby Red Lips (Bob Thompson) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)
  2. The Lonely Whistler (Charles Norman/Baxter) as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 3768             

  1. Manhattan (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)
  2. La Pansé (The Little Flower) (Furio Rendine/Gigi Pisano) (as “Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra”)

F 3798             

  1. Search for Paradise (Ned Washington/Dmitri Tiomkin/Lowell Thomas)
  2. Ricordate Marcellino (Remember Marcellino) (Tata Giacobetti/Antonio Savona)

F 3887            

  1. Dance from “Bonjour Tristesse” (Georges Auric)
  2. Love Theme from “A Farewell to Arms” (Paul Francis Webster/Mario Nascimbene) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

F 4032            

  1. Dance, Everyone, Dance (Sid Denoff)
  2. A Chance is All I Ask (Hank Cochran/Tommy Coe/Don Deal)

F 4091             

  1. Come Prima (Koma Preema) (Mario Panzeri/Sandro Taccani/Enzo Di Paola)
  2. My Heart's in Portugal (Jean Yanne, Louis Gaste) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

 F 4206             

  1. Tell Me Margarita (Mariano Merceron)
  2. Piccolissima Serenata (Giovanni Ferrio, Antonio Amurri) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)


  1. Sabre Dance (Aram Khachaturian)
  2. Milord (Georges Moustaki, Marguerite Monnot) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)


  1. Prelude and “Ben Hur” Theme (Miklos Rozsa)
  2. ‘Til Tomorrow (Sheldon Harnick/Jerry Bock)


  1. Ooch-I-Baba (Plas Johnson/Baxter)
  2. Boomada (Baxter) (As “Les Baxter and His Drums”)


  1. Follow Me (Lerner/Loewe)
  2. You’re Far Away from Home/Angelina (Carolyn Leigh/Cy Coleman) (as “Les Baxter and His Orchestra”)

 6017/X6017 (Capitol “Starline” re-issue series)

  1. April in Portugal (Capitol F 2374)
  2. The Poor People of Paris (Capitol F 3336)

 Reprise Records